It seems that everything in the Christian world now have the words “gospel-centered” attached to it-including this conference! It’s even in the mission statement of The Advance Initiative. “Gospel” has become a buzz word among Evangelicals as of late, but is this just a fad? Or do the Scriptures actually call us to a deeper, more profound understanding and application of the gospel that is essential to our lives and ministries? If the gospel is central to life and ministry in God’s Church, it changes everything.

As we gather for the third Advance Initiative Conference in 2017, our hope is to begin considering the richness and depths of the gospel and how it can inform our lives, communities, and mission as we plant churches to the glory of Christ. So join us at Advance 2017 as we work together to understand what that means.


Justin Varughese

Commack, NY

Binu Abraham

Willow Grove, PA

Robin Koshy

Carol Stream, IL

Sam Chacko

Richardson, TX

Siby Varghese

Willow Grove, PA

Boto Joseph

Queens, NY

Ajay Thomas

Philadelphia, PA

Matthew Kruse

Melrose, MA

Jake Abraham

Washington, D.C.

Jason James

New York, NY

Pritesh Garach

Raleigh, NC

Shainu Thomas

Philadelphia, PA

Timothy Welbeck

Philadelphia, PA

Sarah Ensslen

Southampton, PA

Vivek Jones

Glenside, PA

Santosh John

Ambler, PA

Finney Varughese

New Hyde Park, NY

Josh Cherian

Portland, OR

Anne Jones

Glenside, PA

Shiju Jacob

Philadelphia, PA

Asha George

Fort Washington, PA

Dennis Mathew

Feasterville, PA

Jason Phillip

Queens, NY

Brice Johnson

Austin, TX






8:30AM – 9:30AM   Registration & Breakfast  
9:30AM – 11:00AM Robin Koshy Worship & Talk 1: What is the Gospel? Rediscovering the centrality of the gospel feels like being born-again…again! The gospel moves from the entryway into Christian faith to the whole path for Christian faith. This first talk with remind us what the gospel is and why everything is centered on it.
11:00AM – 11:15AM   BREAK  
11:15AM – 12:30PM Boto Joseph, Pritesh Garach, Ajay Thomas, Vivek Jones Breakout: Reaching Non-Christian South Asians with the Gospel There are more than a billion South Asians, the vast majority of whom do not know Christ. That being the case, what opportunities could we have to reach Hindus, Muslims, and other South Asian non-Christians with the gospel. This session will give practical help on how we can be missional to unreached people groups living all around us.
  Justin Varughese, Tim Wellback, Siby Varghese, Sarah Ennslen, Finney Varughese Breakout: Navigating Multiethnic Churches as Indian Americans What role can Indian Americans play in planting, leading, and being a part of multiethnic churches? This session aims to give a vision for how we can enter into the important dialogue on race, the gospel, and the local church.
12:30PM – 1:30PM   LUNCH  
1:30PM – 2:45PM Jason James Worship & Talk 2: Gospel-Centered Life Having discovered the centrality of the gospel, we begin to see that the Christian needs the gospel as much as the non-Christian does. This talk will aim to show that what we do flows out of what Jesus did for us. Our aim is to see how the gospel is essential not just for our justification but our sanctification as well.
2:45PM – 3:00PM   BREAK  
3:00PM – 4:30PM   Labs Each attendee at Advance 2017 is a part of a story that God is writing among Indian Americans in our generation. The labs present a time for us share our stories, learn from one another, and dream together of how God can use us for such a time as this.
4:30PM – 5:00PM   Prayer & Worship  








8:00AM – 9:00AM   Registration & Breakfast  
9:00AM – 10:30AM Matthew Kruse Worship & Talk 3: Gospel-Centered Community The gospel not only has implications on a Christian individual, but on the Christian community. The gospel creates and sustains Christian community. Diverse people who were formerly alienated from God and from one another by ethnicity, class, and every category imaginable are brought together to become Jesus’ Church. This talk aims to show how the gospel births and shapes such a community.
10:30AM – 10:45AM   BREAK  
10:45AM – 12:00PM Robin Koshy, Ajay Thomas, Jason James Breakout: Gospel-Centered Preaching What is the difference between moralistic preaching and gospel-centered preaching? This session will aim to give a vision for and practical tools for preaching that makes the gospel clear and Jesus the hero from all of Scripture.
  Siby Varghese, Santosh John, Josh Cherian, Asha George, Dennis Mathew Breakout: Launching a Church from the Pews I’m not a church planter. So what role do I have in church planting? Great question! If church planting was just the work of pastors or clergymen, churches would never get planted. Instead, God forms a team of people playing various roles both great and small as he builds His church. Come to this session to listen and learn of the vital role God has for you a layperson in church planting.
  Binu Abraham, Vivek Jones, Anne Jones, Shainu Thomas Breakout: How the Gospel Addresses Honor & Shame Cultures Honor and shame is one of the fundamental ways in which Eastern cultures see the world and make sense of reality. So how does the gospel address this worldview? This session will open your eyes to how God’s good news can shape honor and shame cultures.
12:00PM – 1:00PM   LUNCH  
1:00PM – 2:00PM Boto Joseph Worship & Talk 4: Gospel-Centered Mission The gospel not only pulls us into community, but pushes us out onto mission. By grace, we are not only saved by the gospel but commissioned to proclaim the gospel. We are ministers entrusted with gospel ministry. The conference will end with a call to mission, particularly church planting, through which the wisdom of God is on display before the entire cosmos!
2:00PM – 2:15PM   BREAK  
2:15PM – 3:30PM Various Panel Discussion / Q&A A panel comprised of our speakers as well as other church planters & pastors will dialogue and answer questions from the audience.
3:30PM – 4:00PM   Prayer & Worship  


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